Gypsum is the result of a long journey, made by people who lived and who live the passion for their work, today as back then. We shape matter and we want the result of our work to stimulate the senses and generate emotion, be it a decoration, an object or a complex architecture. Our completely artisanal reality is constantly evolving, between tradition and contemporaneity, through the development of new systems and new materials. We pay the utmost attention to production processes, to ensure efficiency and respect for the environment.



Gypsum was born in the ’70s, under the impulse of passion for plaster decorations. It started as a manufacturer, installer and advisory partner for companies and designers, thus beginning an experience in the construction industry that has lasted for over 40 years.
Now Gypsum manufactures plaster, laminated polystyrene and high performance concrete products to create indoor and outdoor architectural and industrial design elements. The company developed a very flexible production cycle that focuses on the construction of unique custom-made pieces, and, at the same time, guarantees the quality of serialized industrial products.


Design is fundamental, which is why we propose ourselves as consultative partners of designers, supporting them during the conception phase, in all its aspects, up to the realization of the product. We also work alongside companies, giving the necessary support to find construction solutions, providing products designed and manufactured in compliance with the installation needs and giving the right indications for the use of our materials. We are able to make products for architecture, for industrial design, for shipyards and for the scenographic field. Our products are suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage, for public and private spaces.


We are an Italian company, our experience and our know-how have developed in this geographic area. We combine craftsmanship and technological development, together with cutting-edge materials and production processes, to create high-quality and high-performance products. All of our production takes place in Italy: we have a dense network of collaborators in the area, from suppliers to designers, who share with us the enthusiasm for the typically Italian research and quality.


Gypsum pays great attention to the environmental impact of its business, and has developed a production cycle that uses only water based materials and natural powders: a production chain that doesn’t use polluting materials, harmful to the environment and the health of the end user and of those involved in the different stages of the production. Each raw material is free from the use of solvents.


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